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Tre Ponti adjustable lace


Tubular lace, 100% certified polyester, composed of high tenacity threads. Entirely made in Italy.


Check the lace frequently and pay attention to possible wear or bites. Press the scroll button firmly to prevent it from rubbing on the lace.

If the lace breaks or is damaged, replace it with a lace of the same type and secure it like the original, not with a simple knot. Our laces can be found free of charge in all authorized Tre Ponti dealers.



The Tre Ponti harnesses, especially the mesh models, may vary by a few cm compared to the size guide, as they are handcrafted products.
Make sure the harness is fitted correctly. The harness must adapt perfectly to the animal’s body, it must not be attached to the armpit, but about 3-4 cm away.

Use Tre Ponti products in a way that is suited to their function; do not bite, cut or scrape and replace if they are worn or damaged, as the company is not liable for damage to animals, things or people.



Do not wash Tre Ponti products with aggressive detergents, but with water using a neutral soap and at low temperatures.

Maintenance of metal parts

Should the harness or leash come into contact with salt or dirty water, rinse with running water to avoid possible rust or corrosion.

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